For Small Nonprofit Organizations

As a small nonprofit organization, you have a personal connection with the community you serve allowing you to identify the most important issues and make a greater positive impact.

That’s why it’s even more important that you successfully raise awareness about your mission to engage the community and attract new donors. However, with a small team and limited resources, it can be difficult to implement consistent marketing through thoughtful planning. You also face a high rate of employee-turnover, increasing needs, and more organizations competing for the same group of donors.

The best solution is to work with a boutique agency to fulfill your marketing needs. We have years of experience working closely with small nonprofit organizations, and provide you more consistent long-term support than volunteers or part-time staff. This will give you confidence that you’ll have the help you need when you need it to further your mission.

Our team also specializes in preparing your small nonprofit organization for a brand new generation donors.

We customize our services based on your currents needs and fiscal year goals. Below are examples of ways we work with small nonprofit organizations on marketing and communication:

Social Media

We help you use this powerful form of communication to increase word of mouth, rally support, and engage the community while portraying the values of your organization.


Stay relevant to your donors, volunteers, staff and community by delivering consistent and strategic communication. We design email templates and create engaging content.


We create digital marketing strategies that sell tickets to events and raise interest in the community, while finding creative ways to engage attendees before and after the event takes place.

Content strategy

By adapting the latest research in search engine rankings, we will help increase traffic to your pages and website while sharing news and information about your organization.

Opportunity audit

Understand how your organization should be positioned in the community and differentiate your mission from the mission of other organizations to attract the right donors and volunteers.

Public relations

We identify and connect with writers, journalists, and influencers to tell your stories – from the impact of your work to special events or fundraisers to strategic partnerships.


Organizing and growing your marketing contact lists is imperative to maintaining engagement and staying relevant. The more targeted we are, the better results in our marketing efforts.


We make timely updates to keep the community informed on your organization and activities, and can transition you to a new website that is easily managed by you or your team.


“Rani and her team have brought a level of professionalism, consistency, and quality to our marketing and communications program that has been transformational. She is a pleasure to work with and truly understands the unique challenges and opportunities of a small, founder-run non-profit. More importantly, Rani is passionate about our mission and about helping us to make a greater impact.

Working with Rani has made it possible for our work to be communicated and shared with a much larger, and more targeted audience than we have ever been able to reach. Rani provides multiple services for our organization and the results are amazing.”

– Lisa Vasiloff, Founder & Executive Director of Birthday Wishes

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