For Small Businesses

You can’t grow your small business without marketing. But, for many small business owners, there never seems to be enough time in the day and managing operations takes precedence. When you are ready to seek help, the solutions are often costly and require more time than doing it yourself. Here’s why…

Option 1

Hire an intern:

Interns can be a great resource, but require time and energy to manage. Once they are up and running, their internship ends and you are back to the beginning examining your options. Unless you have a team that can manage and teach an intern and give them the structure they need to be successful, it’s a short-term solution that can cost you more than it helps.

Option 2

Hire an employee:

The hiring process is a lot of work, expensive and risky. You'll need to supply a laptop, workspace, and invest the time to manage their 40 hour work week. None of that guarantees they’ll stay long-term. Also, your budget may only allow hiring a part-time or entry-level employee with limited experience or no long-term motivation to stay after training.

Option 3

Hire a marketing firm:

Most marketing and PR firms require a large cash investment on Day 1. Then, they require you to invest in activities that they believe in the long-term will deliver you great success. While this model works well for businesses with large and flexible marketing budgets, small business owners need to see results quickly in order to invest back into their businesses and grow.

The best solution is to work with a boutique agency to fulfill your marketing needs that combines the best components of all three options. We have the expertise of a large pr and marketing firm, we are fully invested in your success, and we want to help you grow without putting a financial strain on your business. 

Our team also specializes in using digital media to reach a new generation of consumers.


“It’s been such a pleasure and privilege working with Rani. She’s smart, proactive, organized, and pays attention to all the little details. She is committed to building our business and reputation and has had great success as we are frequently recognized as one of the best chocolatiers in North America. I trust her judgement and having her take on our marketing and social media has allowed us to focus on what we do best. And she is a ton of fun to work with!”

–Elaine Hsieh, Co-Founder of EHChocolatier

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