Promoting Small, Women-Owned Businesses at the Massachusetts Conference for Women

On December 6, 2018, Rani Wise Co. attended the Massachusetts Conference for Women with the goal of promoting small, women-owned businesses in the Exhibitor Hall to the 11k attendees. Often conferences of this scale require a large investment for small businesses – from the cost to exhibit to the display to the cost of staffing. To help increase the representation of these small businesses, RWC invited five local women-owned businesses to be represented by RWC at the conference: ChalkBOS, EHChocolatier, Porcelain and Stone, Brown and Coconut, Amisha Design and Albertine Press. Products made by these women were available for sale to the attendees, along with marketing materials were distributed to attendees promoting each business. With each purchase, customers received reusable bags featuring the Woman-Owned Woman-Operated Podcast, to further the mission of empower women to pursue their passions.

This was an ambitious project that wouldn’t have been successful without the support of those who stopped by the booth and the talented women who let us represent their businesses.