Instagram-Worthy Moments at Happy Place, Boston

Whether it’s a work event, conference or celebration for a loved one, it always feels good when people have fun at something you planned. It’s even better when they show it off on social media. Creating an event people feel compelled to share on social media isn’t an exact science, but your best bet is to incorporate something “Instagram-worthy” into your decorations. Why? If people have something cute and flattering to use as a photo background or prop at an event, that gives them an opportunity to take a picture of themselves that they really like and will want to post. For them, it’s the perfect lighting and color-scheme for their next profile picture, but for you it’s free advertising.

The Rani Wise Co. team visited Happy Place, an interactive pop-up boutique in Boston, to show how much a perfect photo opportunity can motivate people to share their experiences at different places – and of course have fun!

Photography by the amazing Liza Czech Photography