SorBabes: Ladies Making Sorbet

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Supporting women-owned businesses has never been so delicious. SorBabes is a plant based and dairy free frozen dessert that launched at a farmers’ market in 2013. Founded by Nicole Cardone and Deborah Gorman, their “reimagined sorbet” can now be found in grocery stores and markets across the country. Their flavors are creamy and rich like ice cream with toppings mixed in like chocolate chunks and jammy swirls.

The Rani Wise Co. team taste tested all 9 creative and unique flavors for a fun afternoon at the office and celebrate yet another incredible product created by inspiring women.


Raz’n Berry

This has indulgence written all over it. The tanginess of the raspberry with the perfect amount of rich, dark chocolate makes it quite literally the sweetest combination. Then, we found ourselves digging to get spoonfuls of the crushed wildberry swirl – it was like having a fruit roll up in your sorbet!


Pistachio & Caramel

Pistachio probably would not be our first choice in an ice cream and we definitely never expected to try it in a sorbet. Yet, this flavor blew our minds. The pistachio gave it the creamiest texture and the soft caramel added the perfect amount of sweet and savory.


Cocoa Haze

It’s hard to think something would be more satisfying than a spoonful of Nutella – well Sorbabes did it! This flavor is the pint we want to cuddle with on a cold night or comfort us on a bad day. It has all the love and cocoa you need.



As passionfruit fans, we were most excited to try this flavor. Turns out it looks like heaven AND tastes like heaven. The tart and juicy passionfruit combined with orange zest create the perfect combination. But, the addition of crunchy, vanilla chips elevates it to an entirely new level of satisfaction.


Peanut Butta Luva

The name says it all. This is a pint you can’t stop eating as each bite combines all the things you want in a dessert: swirls of caramel, chunks of chocolate, and salty peanuts. You will be shocked that this is a sorbet because it beats any peanut butter ice cream we’ve ever had.


Jam’n Lemon

Tastes like summer on a spoon! Lemon sorbet is probably one of the more common sorbet flavors out there, but you haven’t had a lemon sorbet like this. It has an unbelievably refreshing flavor, and you’ll love when your spoon catches a some of the lemon swirl.


Café Almond

Despite our long work days, we aren’t all coffee drinkers. That being said, we ALL enjoyed the punch of espresso flavor in this unique combination of almond butter and coffee sorbet. So maybe skip your afternoon cup of caffeine and dive spoon first into this pint instead.


Now it’s your turn to enjoy!