Top 5 Small Business Social Media Tips for 2018

Started 8 years ago by Mashable, Social Media Day is a celebration of how social platforms have changed our way of communicating. Social media has not just changed our personal lives, but also the way small businesses approach marketing today. So in honor of Social Media Day today, we are excited to share with you our top 5 small business social media tips for 2018:

  1. Pick and choose your platforms. You don't need to be on every channel, you just need to be where your customers are!

  2. Quality over quantity reigns true. It's better to share fewer posts with high quality images, captions, and hashtags rather than a lot of posts with poor images and boring captions.

  3. Engaging is essential to grow. Set time aside each week to engage with your followers and new accounts to grow your network.

  4. Stay up to date! Social media  is constantly evolving and there are always new features coming out. Subscribe to a few helpful social media blogs like ones from HubSpot, Buffer, and Sprout Social to get timely updates about new features and best practices.

  5. Take the time to analyze. If you are going to dedicate the time to social media, make sure it is working for you! Each platform provides analytics on which posts are performing the best, levels of engagement, and what times during the week are the best for posting to engage your audience.

Need Instagram inspiration? Here are three woman-owned small business Instagram accounts that you should follow today!


Kyla, founder of Tumble, designs beautiful jewelry, key rings, and wall hangings while also collaborating with other designers for clothing and gift items. Formerly known as Genuine & Ginger, Tumble uses Instagram to reflect their spirit, journey, and point of view while employing and empowering local women to break through generational cycles of abuse and oppression.


Kimberly from Porcelain and Stone will make your Instagram feed beautiful with her own photography and unique porcelain jewelry. She documents her travel, design process, and studio life while showcasing her handmade products individually and as a collection. We love how the feed feels cohesive and authentic, while her captions are fun and thoughtful.


Amelia and Natasha from We’re Into It turn their Boston-based hand lettering and graphic design company into a beautifully designed Instagram page! Travel the world and see the sights narrated by beautiful brush lettering. You’ll also get wedding inspo, food and drink cravings, and everything in between by following these two creative women on Instagram!

You can participate in celebrating Social Media Day by using #SocialMediaDay and #SMday, and share with us your favorite accounts to follow on social media!