The Importance of Good Photography with Sierra Unsworth of Metter Media

The team who brought you the Woman-Owned Woman-Operated (WOWO) Podcast worked with students in Emmanuel College’s Digital Culture and Social Media course to create the Marketing Culture Collaborative Podcast. In each episode, students explore a topic related to the ever-evolving culture of digital media and marketing.

In this episode, hosts Des Minasidis and Alex Morean interview Sierra Unsworth of Metter Media to understand the importance of photography in social media marketing.

More about this episode:

Sierra Unsworth Head Account Manager at Metter Media

Sierra Unsworth
Head Account Manager at Metter Media

Our names are Des Minasidis and Alex Morean, both students at Emmanuel College. For our podcast episode, we’ll be talking about the importance of great photography in social media. We will break it up into four parts. Our first part is called the past of photography in social media. In this section we will discuss what kind of images were used and shared on social media in the past. We bring in research done from David M. Frolich and Risto Sarvas (From snapshots to social media - the changing picture of domestic photography) along with work from Larissa Hjorth and Natalie Hendry (A Snapshot of Social Media: Camera Phone Practices). Next, we move on to our second part, the present of social media photography. We interview head account manager at Metter Media, Sierra Unsworth in order to see what it’s like to work with photography for social media accounts for businesses and why it’s important. Work from Alise Tifentale and Lev Manovich is discussed (Selfiecity: Exploring Photography and Self-Fashioning in Social Media). Moving on, we start to talk about the future of social media photography. We explain our own predictions in regards to photography in social media. We include work from Dr. Michele Zappavigna (Social media photography: construing subjectivity in Instagram images). Finally, our last section is our conclusion. We leave our final remarks along with mentioning Catherine Zuromskis’ work, “Snapshot Photography, Now and Then: Making, Sharing, and Liking Photographs at the Digital Frontier”.