Lead Your Team Productively & Watch Your Small Business Succeed

Working in a small business means working in small teams. Leading in a more intimate, dynamic way can be challenging as you get to know your employees on a more personal level. It can be difficult to find the balance between being the boss and being a friend. A balance can be achieved with a thoughtful approach to leadership that empowers your team and encourages participation.

Start with these three, simple habits of productive leaders:

  1. Breathe. If you are stressed, your team is stressed. Deadlines and deals are important, but a stressful environment can be distracting. Instead of focusing on the job, your employees are worried about disappointing you. Pick and choose what you share to keep the team focused on your business goals. 
  2. Delegate. Your small business is your passion, and it can be challenging to ask for help. The less overwhelmed you are, the better you will be at leading your team to success. By delegating projects and tasks to your employees, you show them that you trust and respect their work. With the right leadership, don’t be surprised if they exceed your expectations and your business benefits.
  3. Listen. When leading a team, you may feel that you need to have all the answers. Listening to input from your team to resolve problems is an important quality of a good leader. Facilitate a productive conversation by taking a step back and allowing your employees to create solutions. By holding back your opinions initially, you will hear what your employees think without your influence. With limited human resources it is important to utilize every voice in order for your business be more productive. 

As the boss of your small business, you always have the power to make the final choice. However, this responsibility can be nerve-racking and consume your life. Empowering your team will deliver long-term employees who are committed to your business. So, whenever you are feeling conflicted in a business decision turn to your team and remember to breath, delegate, and listen.